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Nathan Siemers

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CV I am a director of research and development at a pharmaceutical company. I'm cross-trained in Chemistry, Biology, and Informatics. My training and experience has made me adept at integrating information and synthesizing hypotheses and conclusions across diverse domains of science and medicine.

Music I'm a cellist who has performed in a number of local chamber groups as well as the Westminster Community Orchestra (Westminster Conservatory, Princeton, New Jersey, USA). The link takes you to 1990s (now ancient) recordings of the Polter String Quartet, which perfomed around Ithaca, New York during my time at Cornell University.

Photography Photography is my newest endeavor. I'm not a natural. I struggle. I do improve. The link takes you to my Flickr photo stream, as visualized by Flickr Hive Mind.

Flickr Hive Mind: I am the author of Flickr Hive Mind, a photography database mining tool. I originally wrote Flickr Hive Mind several years ago as an experiment in the use of the modern web, web APIs, and folksonomies. I've continued to support and enhance the tool, which is now used by thousands of people a day to explore Flickr. Maintaining an internet web site that performs a moderately complex set of operations while getting hit 7 times a second is also a good way to keep my informatics skills in shape.